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The e-mark is an electronic mobile marketing device to create and change own imprints

Using an app on a mobile device or PC

Easy print in just an easy smoothly slide movement


A New Level Of Document Security

The falsification of documents is easier than ever before.

Documents can be ordered illegally via the internet or simply forged on the basis of a suitable template .

The damage to the economy and society is immense.

With the emark secure we provide a unique solution for forgery-proof protection and easy verification of important physical and digital documents, fully mobile and useable everywhere.


The COLOP e-mark has been recognized by various award panels for its remarkable features, design and innovative qualities. Among others, the e-mark won the coveted IF DESIGN AWARD and EOPA PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2020. in 2019, the same year of its arrival on the market the e-mark received a RED DOT Honourable Mention.

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