A Display Like No Other

A virtual 122” screen on your desk

The Brelyon Ultra Reality™ display is the first desktop monitor to offer massive panorama with monocular depth, which translates to prolonged eye comfort and gives a sense of immersion that emulates headsets.

Brelyon Ultra Reality

Combining the immersion of a headset with the comfort of a monitor.

Brelyon Ultra Reality™ is the first headset-free virtual monitor.


Headset-free solutions to unlock the power of virtual for your organization

Simulation & training Teleoperations Control centers Medical visualization Content production ‍


Performance meets immersion meets comfort

Flight and racing simulation Immersive gaming Financial trading Personal cinema

Theater-Like Experience

Brelyon Ultra Reality™ enables an awe-inspiring, panoramic experience that fills 110º of your field of view, perfect for immersive entertainment applications like gaming and movies.


Brelyon Ultra Reality™ accepts HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, doesn’t require any special software or content, and is compatible with existing software and operating systems.

Radical Performance

Ultra Reality™ offers 122” of amplified 700+ nits brightness in native HDR, 144Hz, and 4K base resolution.




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With a large field of view, massive virtual screen, and high-fidelity imagery presented with dynamic depth, Brelyon Ultra Reality™ opens the door to new possibilities for enterprise and prosumer applications. A compact and portable device for simulation and training, immersive vehicle teleoperation, and amplified visualizations for visual inspections are some of the immediate enterprise applications. Ultra Reality™ also offers abundant visual real estate that can replace multi-monitor setups, or even headsets, for demanding applications like financial trading, cinematic video editing, metaverse experiences, and more


Feast your eyes on a 122" virtual image, brimming with breathtaking clarity and detail. High-resolution, ultra-smooth frame rates, and a color gamut and dynamic range that will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear, razor-sharp images that will leave you feeling like you're right in the middle of the action.


With hundreds of hours of simulations, Brelyon engineers have optimized the 3D profile of the depth plane to create the best balance between immersion and comfort. A depth profile that best fits natural human horopters while pulling you into the digital world like never before.

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